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Our holdings always attaches great importance to quality control, not only for paying more attention
or showing respecting to our customers, but also to developing our own brand. Quality is the life
as well the soul of group! 

It has been upholding the full-member quality management according to ISO standards since its foundation.
Various management systems’ certification makes customers and itself more secure about product quality.
To control and monitor quality more effectively, the Group has also established the multi-functional
standardized labs.
and provided more than dozens of sets of testing devices, so as to apply the overall testing and effective control
and management to physical properties.
ROHS and other properties of main materials and accessories. To ensure our products to comply with
European and American environmental criteria and requirements of applicable laws and regulations,
After years’ accumulation, the Group has established the “quality control” system with group’s characteristics
for continuous improving, so that its full-member quality control concept has been improved in practice,
with excellence pursued while improving.
Our quality policy: Honesty, Careful, Seriously, Innovation. 

Our environment policy: Clear production and green factory.

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